The menu is the same for all guests of the sushi counter. Minimal changes can be made by contacting us in advance at or calling us on 02 25062888

Omakase (literally “respectfully leaving another to decide what is best”) features an expertly tended parade of dishes, selected every day by sushi master Masashi Susuki, for those guests sitting at the sushi counter. A combination of season-driven dishes interspersing nigiri, served following a progressive taste journey through oiliness and umami, with elaborately cooked morsels, steamed or smoked on a robatayaki grill. An unobstructed view allows guests to admire up close the mastery of the shokunin at close quarters and to interact directly with him. On the other side of the counter, Miwa Saito accompanies diners at all times with discreet grace, while Savio Bina, complements the experience with his wise combinations of wine, sake and tea.

Edomae zushi

Tokyo’s most ancient and rigorous ritual, the season-driven Edomae zushi tradition comes alive through the experienced hands of the sushi master. A set of rituals, originating in the capital of the Rising Sun at the beginning of the nineteenth century (Edo is the ancient name of Tokyo) which have gradually been codified to take on the current model. A scrupulous ritual, rigorously following the principles of seasonality, of the daily selection of the finest fish available and of a spasmodic attention to rice that just cannot be considered a mere complement.